National Code of Practice

Federations, Associations, Clubs and members of the aforementioned.

The Australian National Racing Pigeon Board (ANRPB) is providing the National Code of Practice for the keeping and flying of race pigeons in Australia.

The document as provided is broad based and is intended to cover the ‘must do’ items as required by Animal Health Australia and the generally accepted regulatory arrangements already in place in all Federations, Associations and Clubs. It is a document that may differ in emphasis to that which Federations, Associations, Clubs currently use.

Over time it is expected that all Federations, Associations, Clubs will move to a consistent ‘base model’ code of practice, and use a system of working documents/rules to satisfy local conditions and situations.

The ANRPB welcomes feedback from Federations, Associations, Clubs and club members and undertakes to provide a review of the NCoP on a regular basis.

The following notes are provided to inform Federations, Associations, Clubs and club members about the ANRPB and the how and why it came into being. Additional information is available on the ANRPB website at

  1. A review of the reason for the existence of the ANRPB & the basis of interaction between the ANRPB and government, semi-government and third-party welfare organisations (RSPCA etc)
    1. In September 2015 both the racing and show pigeon fraternities were informed that they had to be represented at meetings organised by Animal Health Australia at the direction of the Minister for Agriculture.
    2. AHA would not deal with state based Federations, Associations and Clubs – only with a national body – hence the formation of the ANRPB
    3. The purpose of these meetings was to develop nationally consistent standards and guidelines for livestock (including pigeons) and to standardise welfare based livestock legislation in Australia
    4. This involvement commenced in January 2016 with the pigeon representative ultimately being a member of the 33 person Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) which met on a number of occasions. The SAG was comprised of representatives of poultry (primarily) and other species such as geese, ostrich, emu, quail , pigeons etc, together with people from DPI, RSPCA, agriculture and other animal welfare groups.
    5. Agreement on standards and guidelines was reached at the SAG meetings and then, in turn, these were submitted to Animal Welfare Task Group and others for their perusal and input.
  2. A review of the purpose of the ANRPB charter
    1. The purpose for which the ANRPB is established and maintained is:­
      1. The protection and improvement of Homing Pigeons and in particular the sport of racing pigeons in the Commonwealth of Australia;
      2. To raise the funds necessary to pursue the above in such a manner as decreed possible and necessary by the committee;
      3. Represent the interest of State Federations, Associations and Clubs nationally in any appropriate forum
  1. A presentation of the National Code of Practice 2017
    1. This document is provided as a separate file and includes the ‘must do’ items agreed at the January 2016 conference – see ANRPB website – Home/Standards and Guidelines 2017/Standards and Guidelines 2017 pdf
  2. Advice to all clubs and flyers that this is a document based on the ANRPB ‘purpose’ (as set out in the constitution 2016), and it is expected that Federations, Associations and Clubs will move to this broad and consistent Australian NCOP standard. Please note the ‘must do’ items (see item 3 above) which have become non-negotiable – on the basis of Animal Health Australia standards. Local situations/conditions should be catered for by the use of additional working documents/rules.
  3. That any changes/advice from federations, associations and clubs will be considered on a regular basis (say every three years), unless further action required.

David Walker

Secretary for and on behalf of the ANRPB 31/07/2017

National Code of Practice (Draft) September 2017

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