Virus Outbreak 2016

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For the latest information on progress in dealing with the Rota virus outbreak refer to Dr Colin Walker’s website. As Colin is dealing directly with the experts at AAHL, Agri Bio and the CCEAD who are investigating this virus… the Melbourne Bird Vet website is the best source of information on this situation at this time… click here

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As you maybe aware there has been an unidentified virus outbreak in Victoria and South Australia.

These are the facts that have been given to us by Dr Colin Walker up to 21st December 2016.

  • 20 pigeon lofts have been presented with the new unknown virus to the Melbourne Bird Clinic and a further 18 cases at other clinics in Victoria. It has also been confirmed in South Australian lofts.
  • Government Authorities (Animal Health Australia) are trying to confirm what the virus is and its likely impact on livestock. Samples are also with the University of Melbourne.
  • It has been confirmed that it is not any of the more common virus such as Adeno, PMV1 or Herpies.
  • The virus presents much the same as the one that affected WA lofts earlier in the year.
  • All birds in the loft will be infected by the virus and 30 to 40% of birds in the loft on average will likely die, usually within the first 7 days.
  • It has also been confirmed that, it is the virus itself that is killing the pigeons and not secondary infections. The virus can destroy the liver of the pigeon and there can be no recovery by the bird from this destruction.
  • The virus may remain infectious in a loft for months, up to 280 days has been mentioned. The birds can remain infectious to other birds even though they are no longer showing any signs of sickness
  • It is important to identify the virus so that plans can be produced to control the outbreak and advise fanciers of what actions to take.
  • Pigeon racing is unlikely to proceed in some southern states in 2017 unless control of the outbreak can be achieved before the start of the racing season.
  • It maybe that fanciers around the country will need to contribute to a fund to further research into firstly identifying this virus and to investigate possible control measures.

PMV1 has been detected in Cairns North Queensland 

It has been confirmed that the two cases of suspected unknown virus outbreak in NSW is in fact PMV1 virus.

Unidentified Virus Outbreak in Pigeons 16 December 2016

In recent days there has been an unidentified outbreak of a very virulent virus in racing pigeons in Melbourne, parts of South Australia and New South Wales. Nothing conclusive has been identified in tests so far. It maybe NOT be Adeno, PMV1 or Herpes Virus. All pigeon fanciers are urged to practice strict individual bio-security measures until further notice.

  • Do not introduce new pigeons into your yard
  • Do not allow your pigeons to mix with other pigeons
  • Avoid visiting other pigeon lofts

Further testing is underway and more information may be available in the next 36 to 48 hours

Stephen Eggleton Chairmen ANRPB

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