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About Us

The Australian National Racing Pigeon Board Incorporated.

The Australian National Racing Pigeon Board (ANRPB) was established in response to the Australian Federal Governments decision to update animal welfare codes and convert them into the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines.

Quote “The new documents will incorporate both national welfare standards and industry guidelines for each species or enterprise. Animal welfare standards endorsed by all state and territory primary industry ministers will be implemented in state and territory legislation.”

At the time there was no national body to represent racing pigeon fanciers on the working committee who have set about updating the animal welfare codes with Animal Health Australia (AHA), within the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Australian Government.

Only one representative from each area with an interest in animal welfare is permitted on the working committee, which includes representation from industry and animal welfare activists.

The ANRPB was therefore hastily setup with representation from all the states to discuss how best we might have an input into the working committee to try an ensure that the views of racing pigeon fanciers across the country could be heard and may have some influence on the outcomes from this working committee.

One member of the ANRPB serves on the AHA working committee and has been providing feed back to the Board and in turn has been given some direction in how we should proceed with our input into the working committee’s discussions.

The outcome from the AHA working committee is expected to go out for public consultation in April 2017

The national board (ANRPB) is also focused on dealing with the macro issues in our sport of Australian pigeon racing in the immediate future.

The roles and responsibilities of Federations, Combines, One-loft-races and individual flyers and non-current flyers has not changed. Everyone must undertake a “pigeon welfare first” approach in racing and caring for their birds, particularly Federations must adhere to “best practice” in undertaking races, following liberation protocols and transporting and caring for the birds.

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