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DMF Donations

The Australian National Racing Pigeon Board wishes to publicly acknowledge its appreciation of the donations made to the Disease Management Fund by individuals, clubs and federations of both the racing and showing fraternities.

The current purpose and priority of the fund being the development of Rota virus vaccine for Australian racing and fancy pigeons.

A total of $44,430 has been received, banked and acknowledged by email receipt to the donors. It is heartening that this amount has flowed into the “war chest” between 24 January and 31 March, less than ten weeks.

An amount of $60,000 remains our target. Accordingly, donations from any individuals or groups will continue to be gratefully received (click here to see how you can make a donation).

The donations are listed in order of receipt.

Four donations were received with insufficient information to enable identification of the donor denoted ***. It has therefore not been possible to issue those donors an email receipt.

Pioneer Valley RPC $200 Ulladulla Pigeon Club  $125
Canberra RPC $500 Bronte Andrewartha  $25
Mark Maidman  $25 Leanne Lane  $25
David Graham  $25 Seasue Lofts $100
Stewart Barber  $25 Jonathon South  $25
Willi Thiele $25 ***John/Glenda Clark(e) *** $25
Jonathan Barlow $200 Dean Richardson  $25
Manny Byrne $50 Rudy Diener  $200
Riverina Racing Pigeon Federation  $225 ***SCRPA SP Roxton QLD *** $250
South Australian Homing Pigeon Assoc $5,000 Melbourne Pigeon Society  $100
***Gary Williams *** $25 Colac RPC  $250
Warren March  $100 Bendigo City Homing Club $300
South Aust. Long Distance Committee  $1,000 Rockhampton RPC  $400
Troy Jeffries/Keith Saberton $50 Northern Districts Invitation Combine  $500
Matthew Ginever $25 Australian National Pigeon Assoc (Fancy) $2,000
Victorian Homing Association  $2,000 Len Vanderlinde  $900
Lower Murray RPC  $100 Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation  $2,100
Geraldton RPC  ,  $200 Frank Mehaffey  $25
Orange RPC  $125 Steven and Sharon Brown  $25
Noel Podesta $200 Adrian Brown  $25
Northern Suburbs Pigeon Club  $200 Des Brigden  $100
Toowoomba & District Pigeon Fed $1,000 Champion Bay Invitation Homing Club  $100
Twin Cities Fancy Pigeon Club  $500 Pigeon Fanciers Society of NSW  $100
North Road Combine $750 Meander Valley Pigeon Society  $100
Newcastle Coalfields Federation  $1,425 Warrnambool RPC  $200
Ipswich Specialist Pigeon Club  $100 Graeme McLeod  $200
Horsham Homing Club  $400 Morwell RPC  $450
Terry Roebig  $100 Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation  $1,750
Dubbo RPC (Mid West)  $175 ***Ingrid Glastonbury Qld. QP *** $25
Steve Harop  $25 Ollie Taylor  $25
Central Coast RPF  $1,000 Alan Kerr  $100
Western Pigeon Federation  $3,000 Stephen and Rhonda Kearsey  $1,500
Paul Steenson $25 Grahame Harling  $25
Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon Fed $5,000 Gerard Barry $50
Victorian Racing Pigeon Union  $2,000 Steve Thame/George Mavros $50
Tasmanian Racing Pigeon Federation  $1,400 Stephen Saywell  $50
Jason Harris  $30 Geoffrey Jackson  $50
Paul Gardiner  $150 Dandenong Fancy Pigeon Society  $100
Bundaberg Homing PC  $500 Tableland RPC  $125
Portland RPC  $200 Traralgon RPC  $175
Morning Mist RPC  $1,050 David Buxton  $250
North Queensland Pigeon Association  $75 Gippsland Pigeon Federation  $625
Steve Cini  $50 John Share  $50
Ponderosa Australia  $250 Leanne Share  $50
Barri Morland  $150 Cam Murrells  $50
James Kensey  $100 Greater Valleys Pigeon Federation  $900
Robert Co  $50

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