Australian National Racing Pigeon Board Incorporated (ANRPB)

The new national board was incorporated in February 2016. In the first months much has been achieved mostly behind the scenes.

Solid progress has been made in Canberra with Animal Health Australia (AHA) around the need for a National Code of Practice for racing pigeons.

Discussions have taken place all of which are pigeon welfare centric.

The national board (ANRPB) is focused on dealing with the macro issues in our sport in the immediate future. The roles and responsibilities of Federations, Combines, One-loft-races and individual flyers and non-current flyers has not changed. Everyone must undertake a “pigeon welfare first” approach in racing and caring for their birds, particularly Federations must adhere to “best practice” in undertaking races, following liberation protocols and transporting and caring for the birds.

At all times Federations must err on the side of caution when inclement weather or challenging race conditions arise.

Flyers need to be patient and considerate in supporting the decisions of their Federation to delay or cancel basketing due to inclement weather around racing.

Over the coming months the new national board (ANRPB) will be communicating with the Australian racing pigeon fraternity more directly. We are setting up a data-base for electronic communication. The Board is keen for all pigeon flyers to be better connected, particularly country and regional flyers. For more then 100 years Australian pigeon racing has been fragmented and de-centralised. We have an opportrunity now to improve our self regulation with a national agenda.

When the new ANRPB website is operational www.anrpb.org – Federations and pigeon flyers will be able to email through to their state board representative any issue you wish to share or for the board to consider. The ANRPB is keen to consult and confer.

Canberra 19 November 2016 In November, in conjunction with the holding an afternoon around the ANRPB and the future of our sport. Everyone is encouraged to attend. See Canberra Combine ad for details.

ANRPB On-line Auction, 4 to 10 July 2016
Recently the ANRPB held an on an on-line fundraiser auction. This was a success.
Thank you to those who donated birds and to those who purchasaed the birds, all proceeds go to the ANRPB.
Birds were kindly donated by: Vince Pedavoli, Trevor Steed, Jason Stig, Mark
Jeffrey, Tony & Luke Sienkiewicz, Ken Marshall, Bill Eastcott, Blenhaven Stud,
Ponderosa Stud, Tim Fawcett, David Buxton and Stephen Eggleton.

Adinovirus outbreak: (note: further research established that the suspected Adinovirus outbreak was in fact a “new” virus named Rota, click here for more detail)
The first Adenovirus outbreak in Australia occurred in WA in May. Sadly many affected birds died. The outbreak was dealt with speedily and admirably by the PRF administration and local pigeon fraternity. Dr Rob Marshall assisted and advised “best practice” and the outcomes were positive. Racing has now reconvened. It has been agreed that no racing or show pigeons will be shipped to the Eastern states from WA until 31 December 2016.

Code of Conduct:
The following is a simple “best practice” 5- point Code of Conduct for all Federations and flyers; pertaining to racing and caring for your racing pigeons
1. Always put the welfare of your birds first – adhere to your club or Federation Code of Practice to care for your racing pigeons
2. Federations must adhere to Liberation protocols and always err on the side of caution in liberation decision making.
3. Flyers – support your Club and Federations decisions around delaying basketing or canceling races due to unsuitable conditions to race
4. Do not liberate training or race birds near to aerodromes or airports
5. At all times be positive about our sport. Maintain best practices and always be pigeon welfare centric. Collect lost or strayed birds.

Generally in terms of “good house keeping” assit the small minority who may struggle with doing the right thing – particularly regarding lost or stray birds or negative comments that could bring the sport into “disrepute”. Deal swiftly with these issues issues in your local Clubs and Federations, using existing rules and disciplinary procedures.
Yours in Sport
Stephen Eggleton
Chair – ANRPB

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